A guide to viewings

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Tyne and Wear Homes.

If you are successful with a bid you will be invited to view the property before advising us whether or not you wish to live there.

Viewings are arranged around the top bidder, though other customers who have bid are also invited to attend. This is called a multiple viewing.

Why we invite more than one bidder

Inviting more than just the top bidder helps customers and makes the process efficient.

Seeing what properties are like inside enables customers to make better choices about future bids. For example, a customer may attend a viewing on a particular estate, realise they do not like the layout, and decide not to bid on that estate in future.

Inviting more customers is also more cost efficient – if the top person refuses we can then go to the next person on the list straight away rather than having to arrange another viewing and use more officer time.

Similarly sometimes customers do not turn up to viewings and we can offer the property to the next person on the list who did turn up rather than again having to arrange a further viewing,

This makes the process quicker for everyone and ensures we let empty properties as quickly as possible.

Who gets the property

The customer at the top of the shortlist has the first offer on the property. If they refuse, the offer goes to the second person, and so on until the property is let.

If you can’t attend

If you are invited to a viewing but can’t attend at that time please let us know.

If you are still interested in the property we can come back to you if bidders ahead of you refuse the property.

If you do not attend the viewing and do not advise us that you are still potentially interested, this is classed as a refusal of the property.