Corporate Plan 2018-2023





Since 2004, The Gateshead Housing Company has been proud to offer excellent homes and services to the people of Gateshead. However, a lot has changed since then. Over the past year, we’ve carefully considered the environment we’re operating in and the challenges faced by our customers, communities, key partners and the business.

It would be easy to focus this plan on a few core activities. However, our conversations with our customers, employees, Gateshead Council and other key stakeholders have inspired us to create a new vision for the future that’s both ambitious and aspirational.

Quite simply, we’re aiming to be the best provider of housing in Gateshead.

Our vision and objectives cannot be delivered without the support of Gateshead Council as our key stakeholder. We look forward to working closely together to provide the best possible services for the people of Gateshead, helping them all to thrive.

Thank you to our employees, customers and stakeholders who have contributed so passionately to the development of this plan.

Download a PDF version of our Corporate Plan 2018-2023