Customer satisfaction

In summer 2018 1,400 tenants and leaseholders took part in a customer satisfaction survey to help us understand what was most important to you and why. We also wanted to know how well you think we are doing.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Here’s what you told us…

Overall, 83% of customers are satisfied with The Gateshead Housing Company.

Judging by your satisfaction, you think we are already doing a good job in some important areas:

Overall quality of your home – 82%
“I am very satisfied with everything. I have lived in this house for 60 years!”

Safety and security in your home – 88%
“The Gateshead Housing Company have been very good to me. They got me into a place where I am safe. I love it.”

Your rent provides value for money – 86%
“I feel as I have got a good property at a fair rent.”

Being treated fairly as a customer – 85%
“I have never had any problems with Gateshead, they have always treated me fairly.”

At the same time, there are some things that are important to you which we need to improve:

Staff keeping promises and commitments – 75%
“The staff over the phone are pleasant but nothing is ever being acted upon.”

Dealing with anti-social behaviour – 72%
“it feels that there isn’t anything done about it as the problem continues.”

The way we deal with repairs and maintenance – 72%
“Gateshead send out about four different people for one repair. I think that it is a waste of time and money.”

Listening to your views and acting upon them – 68%
“You can ring up to let them know about what you have to say but honestly they do not do a lot about it.”

Anything else?

Some customers would like the opportunity to access services without having to ring us or visit an office. This means developing our digital offer so that you can do more online. You also raised concerns about some of Gateshead Council’s services. We will be meeting with the Council to discuss how to approach these issues.

What happens next?

From what you have told us we have identified three important areas to focus on:

  1. Repairs and maintenance
  • Repairs is one of the most important services that you want us to improve.
  • You have been clear as to what you think is the perfect repairs experience.
  1. Dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • How we deal with anti-social behaviour is important to you and something you would like us to improve.
  • But you have also told us that you don’t always report anti-social behaviour, so we need to encourage more of you to talk to us.
  1. Listening to views and acting upon them
  • Listening to your views and acting upon them is very important to you and something you don’t feel we always do.
  • We need to make sure that this happens across all services areas.

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