Housing Review 2020

The Gateshead Housing Company currently manages and maintains council housing in Gateshead on behalf of Gateshead Council.

However, because of increasing financial and other challenges on housing services, in 2019 the Council commissioned an independent review to look at the various options for the future delivery of its housing services.

The review explored four options, looking at both financial and non-financial considerations:  

Option 1 – Keep the current arrangements with The Gateshead Housing Company  

Option 2 – Re-integrate the management and maintenance of the housing stock into the council  

Option 3 – Enter into a partnership or alternative shared arrangement with another organisation  

Option 4 – Dispose of the council’s housing stock to another organisation  

The review revealed Option 2 as the preferred option – that the Council should directly manage and maintain its council homes. It was felt that this option is the best one to secure the finances necessary to invest in the Council’s housing stock, and to ensure Gateshead tenants and leaseholders continue to receive good quality, value for money and affordable housing services.    

Under Option 2, the Council will also aim to:

  • Provide more ‘joined-up’ Council services.
  • Improve the services that matter most to customers, such as repairs and maintenance and tackling antisocial behaviour.
  • Provide a better experience when customers contact them.
  • Focus on supporting the people who most need help.
  • Improve neighbourhoods.
  • Ensure that council homes comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Work towards carbon-neutral homes.
  • Make sure the Council has the funding it needs to improve and maintain council homes for years to come.
  • Support the building of more council and affordable homes.

The Council has asked for the views of tenants and leaseholders.

  • Tenants and leaseholders all received a letter to update them on the Housing Review so far (July)
  • We also talked to our regular involved customer groups (July)
  • We conducted a telephone survey of 1300 tenants from across Gateshead (August)
  • We posted a newsletter with more detail about the various options and why the independent review made its recommendation, plus a survey form, to all tenants and leaseholders (September)

We are now collating the results of this consultation, and a final decision will be made by Cabinet in November 2020. Following this, we will update you on the outcome and the next steps. 

Independent advice

The country’s leading tenant experts, TPAS, are on hand to give independent advice to tenants and leaseholders. Contact TPAS (free) on 0800 7311619, Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. There is a voicemail messaging facility outside of these hours. Or email gateshead@tpas.org.uk 

We hope this page gives you all the information you need about the Housing Review and the opportunities you will have to give your views.


If you do have a question or comment, please email us at HousingReviewEnquiries@Gateshead.Gov.UK