Antisocial behaviour – our commitment to customers

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We understand the impact that antisocial behaviour can have on individuals and families. We are committed to taking appropriate action to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Our experienced team investigates all complaints of antisocial behaviour, offering advice and support throughout. Where necessary, they enlist the help of specialist support services, including mental health and drug and alcohol services.

We will ask questions to help identify the impact the issues are having on you, as well as any risk posed to you. We need to ask these questions so we can give appropriate advice and support during the investigation. We will provide extra security measures in your home in some cases.

We have developed our customer service standards in consultation with customers who have experienced antisocial behaviour:

  • We will acknowledge your complaint and begin our investigation within:
    • 24 hours – hate crime, domestic abuse, hoarding, serious criminality, violent behaviour
    • 3 working days – all other complaints
  • We will give you a case reference number and allocate you a dedicated investigating officer
  • We will agree the actions needed to investigate your complaint with you and keep you updated during the investigation of your case
  • We will talk to you before we close your case and follow this up in writing

We share regular performance reports against these service standards with employees, managers and customers.