‘Bin’ and done it

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under News.

oak_square_bins_dec2016_002An estate in the Teams area of Gateshead has security all locked up, thanks to The Gateshead Housing Company.

Residents at Oak Square told us that their waste bins were repeatedly being taken from outside their flats, leading to them paying out for replacements.

Our Estate Officer for that area, Kate McDermott, consulted with the residents and it was suggested that a storage area for the bins could be built adjacent to their block of flats.

Everyone in the block would have a padlock key to allow them to put their bins out on collection day.

Kate worked with Gateshead Council’s Construction Services to design and complete the work, using money from the housing company’s Sustainable Communities Fund.

The fund is used for projects that improve pride in neighbourhoods by enhancing the local environment and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Housing Manager Brian Richardson said: “We use the Sustainable Communities Fund to find solutions to issues our residents tell us about.

“Sometimes we try something new, see how it works and then consider whether the same solution may work in another location. This idea has been a success, so I can see us doing it again.”

Gloria Bollands, a resident of the block, said: “I am pleased we now have a secure place to keep our bins, which will save us money by not having to pay for new ones.

“It will also help keep the area around our flats cleaner as we will not have to put our rubbish out for collection without a bin.”

To make a suggestion or find out more about how you can help improve your estate, contact your housing office or read about our Sustainable Communities Fund.