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TGHC_Emmaville_knitting_1Residents of a sheltered scheme have been getting busy with the knitting needles and crochet hooks, making hats and scarves to help local homeless people prepare for winter.

The craft group at Emmaville in Ryton has been meeting every Monday afternoon for over two years. The group is a chance for residents to get together for a chat while undertaking a creative hobby.

The knitters and crocheters have whipped up a huge selection of hats and scarves. These winter woollies will shortly be donated to The People’s Kitchen, to be handed out in preparation for the cold months ahead.

The People’s Kitchen is a registered charity based in Newcastle. Emmaville resident and keen knitter Doreen Bell contacted the charity, offering to help.

Mrs Bell said “We like to make things at the group that we know will be useful to people.

“In particular, we want to support local charities and hospitals, and have made clothes for premature babies and soft toys for children in Newcastle RVI.

“These hats and scarves will really help to keep homeless people in the region warm this winter.”

The People’s Kitchen relies entirely on goodwill. Visit their website to find out more or to make a donation.

The Gateshead Housing Company has almost 40 sheltered housing schemes for over 2,000 residents aged 50 or 60 and over.

For more information about living in schemes across the borough email the housing company’s Lettings Team or call 0191 433 5345.

Photograph: (from left) Maureen Robson, Doreen Bell and Maureen Beck of Emmaville Knitting and Crochet Group finish off their handiwork. 

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