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The Board established four committees in 2012 that were broadly based on the company’s business plan objectives.

The Assets, Development and Investment Committee was renamed ‘Property and Assets Committee’ following the transfer of Mears and Gateshead Council Construction Service on 1 April 2017.

The committees were: –

  • Customers and Communities – including customer involvement, neighbourhood relations, tenancy and estate management, housing services, complaints, lettings and rent and income
  • Property and Assets Committee – including repairs and maintenance, housing and other capital programme
  • Resources – including finance and performance and human resources
  • Audit – including internal and external audit and risk management

A governance review was concluded in November 2019 and the following new committee structure was agreed.  The first meetings take place in February and March 2020: –

An Executive Overview Committee comprising of the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board and the Chairs of the committees has also been established.

Governance and major policy issues and are dealt with by the Board which continues to meet two-monthly.  Appropriate time has been set aside for the Board to receive presentations and discuss issues without the necessity for a formal report.

The company’s vision, values and objectives were developed by the Board, tenants and employees through a range of methods to ensure broad ownership.

The public have access to most of the agendas, reports and minutes of the Board and committee meetings, which are available to download off the company’s website. Hard copies can be provided on request.

The company also has a protocol for public attendance at meetings.

In addition, the company is committed to providing a wide range of information about its services and functions, in a variety of formats wherever possible.

Please note: All minutes of the meetings of The Gateshead Housing Company Board previous to July 2016 can be downloaded.

For further information about the com­pany’s Board, Committees or meetings, contact the Governance and Risk Lead on 0191 433 5308 or e-mail