Customer survey results

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Last year more than 3,500 tenants and leaseholders responded to our customer survey and told us how they feel about the services we provide.

For the first time some customers took the opportunity to provide feedback online instead of by post.

The results show that although most of you are satisfied with the services we provide, there are some things that we could do better.

These include:

  • Improving the look and feel of our neighbourhoods
  • Making sure that when you share your thoughts and views with us you can see we are using them to improve our services and make important decisions
  • Showing you how we spend the rent you pay us on the things that matter the most to you.

You also told us your top three priorities which we will concentrate on over the coming years:

  • Making sure we undertake repairs quickly and to a high standard
  • Looking after your neighbourhood
  • Tackling anti-social behaviour.

Some key statistics:

Overall, how satisfied are you with the services we offer?

  • Tenants 84% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 76% satisfied

How satisfied are you with opportunities to get involved and influence future decisions made by the housing company?

  • Tenants 63% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 50% satisfied

How satisfied are you with the neighbourhood you live in?

  • Tenants 83% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 71% satisfied

How satisfied are you that your views are taken into account by the company?

  • Tenants 64% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 47% satisfied

How satisfied are you that the rent and/or service charges you pay are good value for the services you receive?

  • Tenants 82% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 54% satisfied

How satisfied are you with your home?

  • Tenants 86% satisfied
  • Leaseholders 84% satisfied

We are going to use the findings of the survey to talk to our customers about what we should prioritise in our plans for the coming years. Watch out for more opportunities to get involved or our website or  sign up for our monthly e-newsletter.