Customers are happy with housing services

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The Gateshead Housing Company has received praise for the high standard of services from a satisfaction survey of customers.

Almost eight out of 10 of the tenants and leaseholders that completed the survey were satisfied with the overall service the company offers.

SurveysIn March 2018 TGHC agreed to commission detailed research to provide the company with meaningful insight into tenant satisfaction and the services we provide. This work will commence in April 2018 and updates will be submitted to the Board later in the year.

Satisfaction with the standard of neighbourhoods remains high – as did customers seeing their rent and charges as good value for money.

High-quality, timely repairs, along with well-maintained estates and continuing to tackle antisocial behaviour, came out as residents’ top priorities across the borough for the future.

The highlights of the survey, which was completed by 3,544 customers, were:

  • 84% of customers were happy with the overall services offered by the company (the company’s target was 85%)
  • 86% of customers were happy with the standard of their home (target was 85%)
  • 83% of customers are happy with the neighbourhood they live in (target was 85%)
  • 82% of customers see their rent and service charges as good value for money (target was 85%)
  • 63% of customers were satisfied with the opportunities to get involved in future housing decisions (target was 73%)
  • 64% of customers are happy that their views are taken into account (target was 74%).

Jon Mallen-Beadle, Managing Director of The Gateshead Housing Company, said: “We are pleased that customers continue to recognise the hard work our employees put in to ensure services are kept at such a high level.

“And now our challenge is to tackle our customers’ priorities and continue working with Gateshead Council to make improvements to the services we offer to nearly 21,000 tenants and leaseholders.”