Domestic abuse helpline

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If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse of any kind, from sexual or physical abuse to psychological or financial abuse, Gateshead Council is here for you.

The council’s Domestic Abuse Service Manager Susan Butler explained: “We’ve streamlined and co- ordinated our services to people who are victims of domestic abuse, so we can offer a more efficient and accessible service.

“We want to remove barriers to those needing our help and make it easier for them to get it. With this in mind we now have one dedicated phone number for victims to call with a team in place to help and support them.

“Abusers want their victims to be scared, isolated and dependent upon them. We would urge anyone affected by this issue to call us for help. One call could change your life.”

Call the council’s Domestic Abuse Service on 0191 433 3333.
If you are in a life-threatening situation you should always call 999.

Housing Services

If domestic abuse means you can’t get into your home, or are afraid to stay in it, you can contact any of our housing teams for advice and support. Alternatively, you can find more information on our website.