Edberts House – oh yes, they did!

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Thanks to a grant from The Gateshead Housing Company’s Community Fund, Gateshead charity Edberts House brought the local community together with a fun-filled pantomime.

Edberts House is based in the High Lanes estate of Gateshead. It’s a community project which provides activities, groups, family trips and learning opportunities for local residents.

The pantomime aimed to celebrate and support cohesion in the community by bringing 50 cast and crew members together from the Gateshead area to rehearse and perform the show, The Princess and the Peas.

Mark Harrison, Community Development and Youth Worker at Edberts House, said: “Activities like this create community spirit, with all age ranges working together, breaking down barriers, helping make the local area a better place for residents to live.”

Jon Goodwin, Senior Philanthropy Advisor at the Community Foundation, said: “We were delighted to make this grant to Edberts House. One of the aims of the Community Fund is to make local communities stronger, especially in more disadvantaged areas, and this project has done this very well.”

Since 2007, through the housing company’s Community Fund at the Community Foundation, we have invested half a million pounds in organisations that support our residents. Another £250,000 worth of ‘in kind’ work has also been provided by us and our partners to make physical improvements to community centres and other spaces.

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To find out more about Edberts House visit www.edbertshouse.org