Ending your tenancy – the services you can expect

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Before finally deciding to leave your home, we ask that you give us an opportunity to talk through all your options with you.

If you decide to leave your home we can give you advice about:

  • The length of notice you must give before you end your tenancy
  • Any outstanding rent or service charges
  • Handing in the keys
  • The condition you should leave the property
  • Your possible entitlement to claim compensation if you have made improvements
  • How we may advertise your home to find a new tenant.

By law tenants must give four weeks’ written notice to end their tenancy. The notice period starts from the Monday after we receive the notice.

However, there are some circumstances where we may agree a shorter period including where the tenant:

  • Has died and the ‘next of kin’ is giving notice
  • Is moving to residential care
  • Is moving to a housing association.

Our ‘Ending your tenancy’ leaflet contains the information you will need and comes complete with the notice form, which is postage prepaid.

You are asked to provide a forwarding address and details of your gas and electricity suppliers. Once we receive your signed notice we will confirm receipt and make arrangements to visit you to discuss any tenancy matters and inspect for repairs that may need to be carried out.

When you leave, you should hand in your keys by noon on the Monday (Tuesday if the Monday is a Bank Holiday), that your tenancy ends.

You will be given a receipt for the keys. If your keys are not handed in on time then you will be charged a further week’s rent.

We may also change the locks to your home and charge you for this. If the property has not been left in an acceptable condition you may be charged the cost of bringing it back to an acceptable standard.

If you leave an amount outstanding on your rent account or other related accounts then we will contact you within two weeks to inform you of the outstanding balance and to make a repayment agreement.

If you leave with a credit balance then we will arrange to refund you within two weeks.