Estate issues tackled in East Gateshead

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under News, On your estate.

The Gateshead Housing Company has been making significant improvements to a Leam Lane estate.

Last summer residents’ quality of life was affected by late-night parties and noisy disturbances. This involved large congregations of visitors who caused further nuisance by fighting in the street and causing damage to residents’ cars, dumping rubbish in gardens, and breaking several windows.

To tackle the problem two injunctions were raised against the main perpetrators while the neighbourhood policing team conducted regular patrols of the street. Despite making it clear that further anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated one of the residents breached their injunction by making threatening comments. This resulted in a six-week prison sentence, and an application has now been made to evict them from their home.

Over the past few months the issues have stopped and residents once again have peace and quiet.

As some of the anti-social behaviour occurred in residents’ rear gardens, we have recently carried out works using Sustainable Communities Funding to help design out issues.This has involved removing rubbish, cutting back trees, and reinstating fencing so that residents have individual gardens.

John Meldrum, Neighbourhood Relations Team Manager, said: “Our team has worked hard with
partner agencies to improve this estate and tackle the small minority who have caused problems.

“We wanted to follow on from the action taken against those causing anti-social behaviour and
environmental problems to ensure residents could feel safe and live in an area they feel proud of.

“The work to tidy the gardens and build fences has made a huge improvement.”

We want everyone to feel safe and happy in their home. If you are affected by neighbourhood nuisance, contact your housing office or use our
confidential online form.

Photos: The Sheraton estate during the improvement works