Fire safety

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Fire Risk Assessments

If you live in a building which has shared areas (eg corridors and stairwells), such as flats and sheltered schemes, a fire risk assessment will be carried out. This will identify any hazards or risks that need to be managed.

All fire risk assessments are carried out by specially trained Health and Safety officers from Gateshead Council. Once completed they are reviewed by a Fire Safety Specialist to identify any common themes or issues. Any work identified following the assessment will be given a priority depending on the urgency. Some actions are completed immediately (e.g. removal of rubbish); others will be programmed to be completed within an agreed timescale.   

As of April 2019, all the Fire Risk Assessments required have been completed for high-rise buildings, sheltered accommodation, communal lounges and medium- and low-rise blocks of flats.   

Help keep your home safe

You can help avoid the risk of fire by:

  • Not storing flammable materials, like large amounts of paper, in your home or communal areas (eg stairwells and corridors)
  • Not blocking escape routes with bulky items or rubbish
  • Not blocking vents and windows
  • Not wedging fire doors open
  • Keeping your flat entrance door in good condition
  • Not leaving cookers unattended when using the hob
  • Not using deep fat frying pans
  • Not storing petroleum gas or paraffin
  • Reporting any damaged fire doors or equipment.