A guide to gas servicing

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The Gateshead Housing Company has a legal responsibility to carry out a gas service and safety check in your home every 12 months. This annual check is compulsory by law.

The annual service and gas safety check is extremely important to ensure your safety and that of others, for example neighbouring properties.

Your appointment

You will be sent an appointment letter confirming the date and time we will come to your home to complete a gas safety check. If the time and date is inconvenient you MUST contact us immediately on 0191 433 5338 to rearrange your appointment or make alternative arrangements.

It is part of your Tenancy Agreement to allow access to your home. If you consistently refuse us access to your home to complete the gas service and safety check you are breaching your tenancy agreement. We can and will take legal action to gain access and/or possession of your home. Any legal costs incurred will be your responsibility.

Following the completion of your service you will be issued with a copy of the latest gas safety check record; this is called a CP12.

Carbon monoxide

If a gas appliance (including gas cookers) is not working properly it can produce carbon monoxide gases. 

You will not be able to notice these gases as they are colourless, odourless and tasteless.

Carbon monoxide is poisonous and if you are exposed to it for a long period of time, it can cause serious injury or even death.

Signs that carbon monoxide is being released:

  • Soot or yellow/brown staining around or on appliances
  • Pilot lights that frequently blow out
  • Increased condensation inside windows.

If you think your gas appliances are not working properly and producing carbon monoxide, turn them off immediately and open doors and windows for ventilation.

If you smell gas

If you can smell gas, or think you have a gas leak, call National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately.

Turn the gas off at the meter if you are able to do so, open doors and windows for ventilation and do not use switches or naked flames.

Then call HomeRepairs on 0800 408 6008 and let them know what is happening.