Help if you’re excluded from council housing

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The Single Gateway scheme can help you if you have been told that you are unable to obtain or apply for council housing.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Are you an ex offender?
  • Are there reasons why you can’t get a council house, for example anti-social behaviour or rent arrears?
  • Are you leaving a foster placement or supported housing or residential care?
  • Are you under 18 and need support?

To qualify you do need to be working with one of the following agencies:

  • Northumbria Probation Service
  • Gateshead Community rehabilitation company
  • Gateshead Leaving Care Team
  • Gateshead Youth Offending Team
  • Drug and Alcohol Support Services, for example EVOLVE
  • Support services such as St Bedes’ House, Oasis, Aquila, 13 C+ S, Changing Lives
  • The armed forces community outreach worker.

The scheme offers support and help with the housing process and a way into being able to bid for council accommodation.

The co-ordinator will help you to make sure that the right agencies or professionals are involved to give you the best chance of keeping your home once you have been re-housed.

You will need to show you are willing to making changes and are committed to managing your own home with support.

Please be aware that there may be occasions when it is not possible to change the decision not to allow you to apply for council housing. There will also be situations where if you do not keep to the agreed conditions, the Single Gateway Scheme will cancel your application to re-housed.

We can provide advice and information.

Contact us to see if you qualify. If you do qualify your support worker will need to refer you to us. We will then arrange to have a chat to discuss your history and the reasons you were excluded.

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