Housing and independent living outreach

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Our aim is to help you keep your home and stop you becoming homeless. We can support anyone over the age of 16 who has a council, housing association or private tenancy. We can also offer support to homeowners and people trying to find a home.

To find out more about any of our services or to request support you can contact our Supported Housing Assistant using the contact details at the bottom of the page. They will ask you some questions over the phone to help work out which service best meets your needs. Or you can complete a form requesting support and we will get back in touch.

The support we can provide includes:


Finding you a new home or help you to stay in your current home if you are having difficulties. Our aim is to prevent homelessness and help you keep your tenancy, regardless of the type of tenancy you have.

We may be able to help you with essential household items such as a fridge, freezer, cooker and furnishings, or by having security measures fitted in your home. If you feel your home is not meeting your needs, we may be able to arrange for a housing options officer to discuss housing priority which could include finding emergency accommodation including refuges and temporary accommodation depending on your circumstances.


Helping you to budget and organise your money, set up bills and repayments, deal with debts including rent arrears, and apply for help through grants and charities. If you are unable to work, we may be able to support you to apply for the correct welfare benefits.

Legal issues

We may be able help to stop you being evicted, obtain legal advice, advise on your rights regarding your children and attend legal appointments.


Supporting you to meet the needs of your children and identify other supportive networks, such as local children’s centres.

Support networks

Helping you find specific support groups suitable to your needs, building friendships and family relationships.

Positive activities

Supporting you to set personal goals, start paid work, start a course and consider hobbies or voluntary work.

Mental health and emotional support

We could support you to seek a counsellor, visit a service which can help or simply have an outreach worker visit your home each week.

Physical health and wellbeing

We can help you register with a GP or dentist, look after your physical health, find out how to be re-housed due to a medical conditions or possibly access changes (adaptations) to the home you are in.

Drugs and alcohol

We can support you to see a specialist worker from a drug/alcohol support service such as Gateshead Evolve to address your needs in this area if you feel ready to do this.

Personal safety

We can support you or signpost you to appropriate services if you are experiencing any domestic abuse, harassment, anti-social behaviour or disputes, to stay safe at home or when out and about and alert others that you feel at risk.

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