Housing company and local school stub out litter

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Bede_Community_Primary_School_litter_pick_March_2016_007A recent litter-pick with school children has helped The Gateshead Housing Company to tidy an estate.

Bede Primary School took part in a housing company Junior Estate Tour to make children aware of the negative impacts litter can have on their neighbourhood and environment overall.

The short tour, which started from the school itself, led the class around their estate to pick up any rubbish, and in particular empty cigarette packets, butts and matches.

The pupils spent an afternoon learning about the subject, also taking part in classroom activities.

Glen Thompson, the Estate Officer who met with the children, said: “As well as highlighting the negative impact that litter has on our environment, our tours aim to make pupils more aware of their surroundings and become considerate citizens in the future.

“Our Estate Tours help local people to get involved to make environmental improvements and build stronger communities.

“It’s great to find out what younger residents would like to improve in their neighbourhood as they offer a different perspective from our usual participants.”

The tour complements the national ‘No butts, it’s litter’ campaign, which aims to deter people from smoking and raise awareness of the effects rubbish can have.

Other Estate Tours regularly take place across the borough. To find out more residents should contact their nearest housing office or visit the Estate Tours page of our website.

Photo above: Pupils from Bede Primary School with Estate Officer Glen Thompson.

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