Housing company wants to help residents ‘Go Digital’

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The Gateshead Housing Company is hosting two free courses on how to get online, be social and also access housing services 24 hours a day.

Two ‘Digital drop-ins’ have been organised by the housing company, which manages almost 20,000 homes across the borough.

TGHC_website_mobile_accessThe short sessions are being held at ‘The Clubhouse’, Worcester Green, NE8 1NH on:

  • Wednesday 27 May – between 12 noon and 4pm
  • Wednesday 24 June – between 12 noon and 4pm.

The sessions are being aimed at residents who have rarely, or perhaps never, used a computer or tablet before.

The informal drop-ins will cover ways to access the internet across the borough and the types of useful services that can be found online, such as finding a new home or reporting a house repair.

Helen Watson, Involvement and Diversity Officer, thinks this is a great opportunity for customers to get tips on getting online.

She said: “There’s no denying it, we are living in a digital era. But if today’s online technology leaves you baffled and you want to get to grips with your ‘dot coms’, then we can help.

“Hopefully, our sessions will show the benefits that the internet and social media can have in everyday life, how to make sure you are secure online and generally highlight what all the fuss is about!

“So call us on 0191 433 5357 or email involve@gatesheadhousing.co.uk to find out more.”

Help to access all courses from the housing company, including transport and interpreting services, can be provided.

Details of other free courses for residents in Gateshead are available online.