How are homes allocated in Gateshead?

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Gateshead Council's Lettings Policy.

Some homes managed by the housing company will be advertised on the basis of longest waiting time and others on housing need.

There are four levels of housing need:

Critical housing need
Critical housing need applies to members who:

  • Have a critical medical need and must be rehoused in order to be discharged from hospital or a care home
  • Are experiencing severe harassment, and have been assessed as being at risk unless rehoused
  • Applicants who must be rehoused to prevent a child being taken into care or to ensure the safety of children under the terms of current legislation
  • Are an urgent homeless cases, where Gateshead Council needs to discharge its statutory duty as a matter of urgency.

Urgent housing need
Urgent housing need applies to members who:

  • Are statutorily homeless
  • Are threatened with becoming homeless
  • Have a severe medical need who are at risk in their current home
  • Are severely overcrowded
  • Have received a proposed demolition of their home or change of use agreed by Gateshead Council
  • Are part of Gateshead Council’s suported tenancy scheme – Single Gateway
  • Are leaving care – where Gateshead Council has a parental responsibility to minors
  • Are leaving a Gateshead Council tied tenancy (imminently)
  • Are leaving the armed forces (imminently)
  • Are entitled to alternative accommodation – instead of succeeding to a tenancy
  • Would release a property in high demand, by moving to one in lower demand
  • Are suffering from domestic violence.

Substantial housing need
Substantial housing need applies to members who:

  • Are non-priority homeless, but not intentionally homeless
  • Have a medical need that may be worsened by living in current home
  • Are overcrowded, but not severely
  • Are leaving a Gateshead Council tied tenancy (but not imminently)
  • Are leaving the armed forces (but not imminently)
  • Have children and live in multi-storey flats
  • Are intentionally homeless in a priority need group. You are homeless but as a result of your own actions (only considered after other applicants within this category).

General housing need
General housing need applies to members who:

  • Live outside of the borough
  • Do not qualify for one of the other housing need categories.
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