How we perform

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Our latest performance – April to September 2019

The company has once again achieved high levels of performance against tough targets set by the government, Gateshead Council and the company itself.

From April 2019 to September 2019, the company achieved targets in 12 of its performance indicators – including home repairs, collecting service charges, rent collection, customer service, and customer satisfaction with the services we deliver.

The company is now looking to keep this performance going throughout the coming year and beyond.

Customer Service Improvement Groups regularly review performance to ensure the company keeps on building upon previous successes.

Below is a summary of the company’s performance during the period.


100% of customers were satisfied with the repair service they received during April 2019 to September 2019. We are making 99.41% of appointments and we are completing 89.40% of repairs within timescale.

Flaming good

98.48% of appliances have received an annual gas service, securing the safety of residents and the local community. 99.86% of customers were satisfied with the gas service received.

Leasehold service charges

Targets have been exceeded when collecting leasehold service charges with 67.43% collection target being achieved. 48.91% of major-works charges were also collected. To maximise income collection a range of payment methods and financial assistance packages are available.

Let’s be social – not anti-social

Between April and September 2019, 850 anti-social behaviour cases were opened, of which 91.41% were acknowledged and investigated within timescale.

Empty homes

We aim to keep rent loss in empty homes to a minimum, and for April to September 2019 rent loss was 3.87%.

Rent and income

We collected 98.67% of the rent due from tenants and 97% of customers that contacted us for rent or debt advice were satisfied with the help and support we were able to provide. We aim to keep current tenants and former tenant rent arrears as low as possible and current rent arrears collection is 4.19% and former tenant collection is 2.73%.

Neighbourhood Services

We aim to support our tenants to stay in their properties and maintain their tenancies for longer. We do this by providing rent and advice, providing properties that meet their needs and which allow them to live in a clean, well maintained environment. The percentage of tenancies terminated remain low from April to September 2019 at 3.69%.

Housing Services

We want to support our most vulnerable customers to remain in their homes. We aim to provide them with a support plan to help them do this in seven days. We achieved this for 92.40% of our customers. 68% of our vulnerable customers improved their independent living skills following completion of their support plan.