Improvements to your home – the services you can expect

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In addition to day-to-day responsive repairs, there will be times where we need to carry out improvements to your home. These improvements could involve work to the outside of your home, for example, the walls or roof.

They could also involve work inside your home, such as the replacement of the kitchen, bathroom or electrical wiring. We will contact you if your home is part of an improvement plan and write to you explaining what improvements will be carried out.

Where possible, we will offer you a choice of fittings or finishes. We will also let you know who will be delivering the work and when it is likely to be done.

Our contractor(s) will carry out the work to your home. They will treat your home with respect and courtesy at all times, and will clear up at the end of each working day.

We have an Investment Team managing the work, to make sure all improvements are delivered safely and to a high standard.

A Tenant Liaison Officer from the Investment Team will be the person you can speak to about any queries or concerns about the improvements.

At the end of the work we will inspect your home to ensure all the improvements have been completed correctly.

Once all improvements have been completed we will contact you to complete a satisfaction survey. We will ask you about your experience of the work and ask you to score the services that you have received from us and our contractors.

Our service standards
We will:

  • Consult with you once the improvements made to your home have been completed.

How we measure them
We will:

  • Conduct a satisfaction survey and ask you if you are satisfied with the improvements made to your home.