Rent and benefits

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Paying your rent on time is important and is a condition of your tenancy agreement; it also helps us to maintain our services to you. We make paying your rent as easy as possible by offering a number of different payment methods.

We do understand however that sometimes people get into difficulty with their finances and may need some advice or support.

We are here to help if you are struggling to pay your rent payments – please contact the Rent and Income Team on 0191 433 6150 who will advise you of the help available to you.

To self check your financial health and get help with budgeting online, you could try the Money Advice Service’s money manager tool.

Many more people are entitled to benefits than actually receive them. It costs nothing to apply or check, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Even if you are working you may be entitled to some Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit if you are on a low income. This benefit is paid by Gateshead Council, based on Government rules.

Check entitlement or apply at Gateshead Council’s website.

Or you can call 0191 433 4646 to speak to someone in the benefits section or email

After 11 October 2017, if you are of working age and have an entitlement to Housing Benefit, you may have to claim Universal Credit instead.

You will still need to claim Council Tax Support separately via Gateshead Council.

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