Right to Buy

Right to Buy is a Government-run scheme that allows some tenants to buy the property they rent from the Council at a price lower than the full market value.

The scheme started in 1980 and there have been a number of changes throughout the years. The most important change came from the Housing Act 2004, resulting in different rules for new tenants and tenants who applied after 18 January, 2005.

The maximum discount available to qualifying tenants is currently £77,900. This amount increases every year in April in line with inflation.

In order to be eligible for Right to Buy, tenants must have had three years’ public-sector tenancy.

The Gateshead Housing Company also manages property on behalf of Keelman Homes, a not-for-profit charity. Keelman Homes’ properties are not available under Right to Buy legislation: however, tenants of Keelman Homes may qualify for the Right to Acquire.

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