Job profile – Lead HR/OD Advisor

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Grade J

  • Location: Gateshead Civic Centre
  • Directorate: Business and Development
  • Service: Employee Support Services
  • Line Manager: Human Resources and Governance Manager
  • Car User Status: Casual

Job purpose

To work as a business partner providing the full range of comprehensive and professional HR/OD services across the company in order to achieve excellent standards of service quality.

To build and maintain credible and productive relationships by working in partnership with the Senior Management Team, Operational Managers, all employees, HR/OD colleagues and Trade Union Representatives.

Offer specialist and generalist support and advice on the full range of OD/HR issues including organisational design, workforce planning, training and development, change management, terms and conditions; and TUPE; pay, retirement, maternity/parental leave; disciplinary; grievances etc.

Develop streamlined, standardised user friendly HR/OD processes and procedures.

The key roles of this post will include:

  1. To be responsible for the operational delivery of a range of OD/HR services.
  2. Support, develop and coach team members to achieve set objectives including managing attendance in line with company policies and procedures.
  3. To ensure that the ‘business partner’ philosophy is embedded within the OD/HR service.
  4. To analyse and interpret management information to support the Directorates in performance management and workforce planning.
  5. To provide recommendations to support the business objectives of the organisation in relation to OD/HR related issues.
  6. To advise and/or influence on a wide range of business issues at an operational level.
  7. To develop and promote good relationships and partnership working with local and full time trade union officers / representatives to promote a constructive and partnership working culture and constructive resolution to employee issues.



To coordinate HR/OD Training, Development and Design in partnership with other HR/OD professionals and providers.

  1. To contribute to the workforce development planning process, ensuring management information is provided as requested to support workforce planning, performance management and employee development.
  2. To support and advise on the Gateshead Housing Company’s Job Evaluation process and responsible for monitoring the consistency of job evaluations companywide.
  3. To support in the review, design, coordination and delivery of HR / OD and other related training company wide and bespoke to the Directorate(s) as and when required.
  4. To support and advise managers as appropriate on performance assessment methods including CEB personality and ability assessments.
  5. To take part in the delivery of corporate Induction as and when required.
  6. To oversee the completion of an annual skills needs analysis and training and development plan ensuring it is relevant, up to date and in budget.
  7. To oversee the company’s annual appraisal programme and ensure development needs are captured and fed into the training plan.
  8. To annually review the skills matric to ensure all essential training needs are up to date and relevant to the role
  9. To oversee the annual qualifications programme, ensuring training is fit for purpose, resource effective and is value for money.
  10. To oversee the company’s apprenticeship programme ensuring Levy Funds are accessed appropriately, procurement regulations are followed and apprentices are well supported throughout their programme.



  1. To undertake projects related to transformation on a variety of topics including culture and engagement; as and when required to achieve the delivery of an efficient, proactive and high profile HR/OD function.
  2. To undertake projects related to process and service improvement on a variety of topics as and when required and appropriate to achieve the delivery of an efficient, proactive and high profile HR/OD function.
  3. To identify opportunities for improvements in operational services and support line managers during the implementation stage.
  4. To undertake the annual employee survey process, reporting on themes, publish results and actions.
  5. To facilitate employee focus groups to research and review a variety of topics and process i.e. policy and procedure, employee engagement, culture, employee benefits etc.



  1. To advise and support managers in the conduct of investigations including grievance, discipline and bullying and harassment.
  2. To assess options and advise and support managers in the preparation of case information for presentation at disciplinary, grievance, capability and attendance hearings/appeals.
  3. To attend hearings and advise the Hearing Chair during Disciplinary / Capability / Attendance Hearings as required
  4. To advise and support managers in attendance management and actively support line managers in the reduction of sickness absence and costs linked to it.
  5. To advise on redeployment, ill health, retirement or termination in line with company policies and employment legislation. To provide advice and support to employees in the light of these situations.
  6. Work autonomously with own service portfolio and manage wide and demanding workload including ET casework, delivering this to agreed timescales.
  7. Produce and support managers in the production of concise, accurate and appropriately toned correspondence to reflect and record both informal and formal processes in line with best practice and Trust policies.
  8. Ensure all case work is reflected on the ER case spreadsheet accurately and in a timely fashion in order to meet quarterly resource committee report requirements.
  9. To advise managers and employees on the accurate application of HR /OD policies, legal requirements and best practice.



  1. To advise as appropriate in Directorate areas on key aspects of recruitment, in order to ensure delivery and capability, localised workforce plans, organisational change and capacity management.
  2. To support and advise managers as appropriate on recruitment assessment methods including CEB personality and ability assessments.
  3. Attend interviews as a panel member, supporting and advising managers as appropriate.



  1. To support the development and consultation of HR/OD policies and procedures in an ongoing process, ensuring that the procedural framework is aligned to business objectives, organisational culture and best practice.
  2. To identify and report Risk Issues in regards to HR/OD and people management practices.
  3. To maintain a thorough knowledge of employment law and changing working practices, anticipate and react to implications for Trust.
  4. To take responsibility for own learning and development and keep up to date on all employment related issues and legislation.
  5. To attend meetings as a representative of Employee Support Services ensuring that any HR/OD implications of the issues being discussed are taken into account.
  6. Ensure user feedback mechanisms are developed and implemented and where identified the need to improve performance is addressed through such mechanisms.
  7. Provide cover for other HR/OD colleagues as necessary, ensuring that a professional customer focused service is maintained.
  8. Promote a positive culture of equality and diversity inclusion within the organisation
  9. Such other responsibilities allocated which are appropriate to the grade of the post.




Experience of:

  • Experience of implementing Organisation Design strategies
  • Experience of developing and delivering training and bespoke development programmes
  • Experience of managing, coaching and appraising a team of HR/OD professionals
  • Understanding of current Employment Law and initiatives
  • Experience of providing advice and support to Directors, managers and employees on the full range of HR/OD issues.
  • Experience of developing and implementing projects and initiatives
  • An understanding of compliance and process re-engineering
  • Experience of TUPE including harmonisation of terms and conditions, structure reviews and workforce planning
  • Experience of partnership working with local and full time trade union officers and representatives
  • Experience of producing concise clear written information i.e. letters, reports, policies, procedures, manager/employee briefings
  • Experience of using Microsoft Office software
  • Understanding of equal opportunities in the workplace


  • CIPD Level five qualified or equivalent HR/OD qualification or demonstrable HR/OD experience
  • 5 GCSEs at grade C or above including maths and English or equivalent relevant experience


Knowledge and experience of:

  • Experience of HR/OD in a Public Sector organisation
  • Experience of working with a direct Labour Organisation (DLO).
  • Knowledge of Housing Management
  • Knowledge of Property and Asset
  • Previous supervisory or line management experience
  • Maximising attendance at work
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Ability and psychometric testing (CEB/SHL) (recruitment and development)
  • Working knowledge of HR/OD Information systems in particular iTrent


  • CEB Psychometric personality and ability assessments
  • Coaching qualification

Competency definitions

Organising and executing

Planning and Organising

Sets clearly defined objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances; manages time effectively; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; monitors performance against deadlines and milestones

Delivering results and meeting customer expectations

Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction; sets high standards for quality and quantity; monitors and maintains quality and productivity; works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; consistently achieves project goals

Learning and researching

Rapidly learns new tasks and quickly commits information to memory; gathers comprehensive information to support decision making; demonstrates a rapid understanding of newly presented information to support decision making; an encourages organisational learning approach (i.e. learns from successes and failures and seeks staff and customer feedback); manages knowledge (collects, classifies and disseminates knowledge of use to the organisation). 

Supporting and cooperating

Working with people

Shows respect for the views and contributions of other team members; shows empathy; listens, supports and cares for others; consults others and shares information and expertise with them; builds team spirit and reconciles conflict; adapts to the team and fits in well.

Adapting and coping

Coping with pressures and setbacks

Works productively in a high pressure environment; keeps emotions under control during difficult situations; balances the demands of work life and personal life; maintains a positive outlook at work; handles criticism well and learns from it. 

Interacting and presenting

Persuading and Influencing

Makes a strong personal impression on others; gains clear agreement and commitment from others by persuading, convincing and negotiating; promotes ideas on behalf of self or others; makes effective uses of political processes to influence and persuade others.