Leasehold handbook – Estate management

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If you live in a flat or maisonette, remember that what you do affects your neighbours.

To make sure blocks are well managed, we provide a range of services that leaseholders across the borough can access and benefit from.

Shared areas and services

Street signWe are responsible for maintaining the shared areas in your block, but everyone has a duty to keep them clean and use them properly.

You pay a share of the cost of maintaining these areas, so if you see someone causing damage or misusing stairways, landing, parking areas, rubbish chutes and other shared facilities you should tell your Estate Officer.

If we can prove who caused the damage we can charge them for it, so that none of the cost falls to you and other leaseholders in the block.

If a repair is required to a shared area in your block, contact the HomeRepairs Team.

Do not assume that someone else will do it.


You must not keep a dog or cat in a flat or maisonette, unless it is a registered guide dog for a blind person or a registered hearing dog for a deaf person.

It is a condition of your lease that you must ask permission to keep a pet. In some instances we may give you permission: however, you must make sure it is kept under control and does not annoy neighbours.

If your pet does cause a nuisance and the problems are not resolved we may ask you to find a new home for your pet.

Permission will not be granted where the block has a shared entrance.


If your flat has a garden you are responsible for keeping it neat and tidy.

You should not allow rubbish to build up as it may cause a health hazard and encourage rats and other pests.

Under the terms of the lease you must only use any garden you may be given as your own private garden and you must not park vehicles on it or put a fence around it unless we have agreed to it in writing.

If there are shared grounds round your block we will maintain them.

Car parking

Most blocks of flats have shared parking areas. Parking in shared areas is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Please consider others when you park:

  • Do not cause an obstruction – you could prevent emergency vehicles from getting through
  • Do not park on the footpath – it is against the law
  • Do not park in your garden unless you have a hard stand and a dropped kerb
  • Do not park on any grassed areas or verges
  • Do not park lorries and trucks on residential streets or shared parking areas
  • You must not carry out major repairs to a vehicle or park an unroadworthy vehicle (or one which may not legally be driven) on the land around your home or on the road
  • You must not keep motorbikes in shared areas.


Information about garages


Gateshead Council will take away all normal household rubbish as part of the fortnightly refuse collection service.

If you have bulky household rubbish or bagged garden waste that will not fit inside your rubbish bin, contact Gateshead Council on 0191 433 7000 or visit the Bulky Collections webpage.

There is a charge for this service.

Rats, mice and other pests

Gateshead Council provides a pest-control service for a range of public-health pests including rats, house mice, cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas.

A service is also provided to control certain nuisance pests such as wasps and a range of beetles and insects.

There is a charge for the pest control service. To report a pest-control problem email Gateshead Council or call 0191 433 7000.

Grounds maintenance

Information about grounds maintenance


Multi-storey blocks – Caretakers clean the internal communal parts of your block to the published service standards. These are displayed in the entrance area on the ground floor of your block.

We carry out regular inspections of your block to ensure that the cleaning is maintained to these standards. Results of these inspections are displayed on the notice board near the main entrance.

Low-rise blocks  The cleaning service is provided by Gateshead Council’s Local Environmental Services. The communal areas of the block are cleaned weekly.

Further information about the low-rise flats cleaning service standards

If you live in low-rise flats and you do not receive a cleaning service you and all other residents living in the block are responsible for keeping the communal areas clean and tidy.

To report any issues with the cleaning service contact your local housing office.

Caretaking service

Information about the caretaking service

Concierge service

Information about the concierge service

Antisocial behaviour

The Gateshead Housing Company is committed to ensuring customers have peace and quiet in their home. If your neighbours are causing you a problem we want to help to resolve this as soon as possible.

A range of things can cause neighbourhood problems, from minor disputes to more serious ones.

What is nuisance?
It is behaviour causing others to suffer through lack of consideration.

Wood floors are one of the biggest gripes of leaseholders because they transmit sound so easily. Be a good neighbour and put down carpets and/or rugs where possible.

What is harassment?

This is unreasonable behaviour that is committed towards a particular person, family or group of people for a variety of reasons.

How do I report antisocial behaviour?
To report antisocial behaviour contact your estate officer at your housing office, or:

Further information about how we tackle anti-social behaviour and support victims

Domestic abuse

The Gateshead Housing Company is committed to helping people who are experiencing domestic violence.

We have adopted the definition agreed by the Domestic Violence Partnership in Gateshead and Gateshead Council’s Community Safety Strategy, which is:

“Any incident of threatening behaviour or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.”

Further information about our Domestic-abuse policy and other organisations who can offer emotional and practical support

Protecting you

The Gateshead Housing Company keeps a record of vulnerable, potentially violent and/or aggressive customers.

We will not tolerate any violent, aggressive or threatening behaviour of any kind, including verbal abuse, towards our employees or contractors.

Under your lease agreement, you are responsible for the behaviour of other occupants of your property and visitors, including children.

Any such incidents will be reported and, if deemed necessary, details will be held on our computer system and made available to all frontline employees.


Information about resident involvement

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