Leasehold handbook – Value for money

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Owning your home - leaseholder - leasehold handbook, Owning your home - leaseholders.

Gateshead Council and The Gateshead Housing Company must select contractors that comply with certain regulations. To be invited to tender for works contracts, contractors must be registered on the Gateshead Council Dynamic Purchasing System for Construction Contractors and Subcontractors (“the Construction DPS”) in the relevant categories.

Our contracts are awarded to the best-priced tender, in accordance with procurement legislation. Contractors provide sample quotes and evidence of quality controls. TGHC enters into long-term agreements with those giving the best value for money. This allows projects to move forward quickly, without having to get separate tenders, while ensuring value for money.

These contracts allow us to ensure our residential stock is maintained at a reasonable standard, meeting our requirements under the terms of the lease.

Leasehold handbook sections: