Making improvements to your home – the services you can expect

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under About us - our Service Standards, Owning your home - leaseholders.

You have the right to improve your home, but for some improvements you will need written permission from us. This is because, as your landlord, we have an investment in the block and a responsibility to the other residents.

We will not refuse permission unless we have a good reason.

We do not need to know about minor work such as decorating, but we do need to know about any alterations that affect walls, windows, doorframes, aerials or satellite dishes, plumbing and electrical services.

You will also need our permission to carry out external decoration. This is because the type of paint needs to be compatible with future paints we may use.

Your request for permission must be made to either your housing office or Leasehold Services Team.

On receipt of a request we may visit you to discuss your plans or seek more details from you as some improvement work may require building regulation approval or planning permission. We will advise you where this is necessary. You are responsible for getting the required approvals.

If we have information about the presence of asbestos in your home we will provide you a copy of the details when we respond to your request.

If you make improvements to your home without our permission we may ask you to remove them and return the property to its original condition. We will not charge you for permission before you carry out the work, but you will be charged if permission is required after the work is done.

Our service standards
We will:

  • Acknowledge requests to carry out improvements within two weeks
  • Inspect improvements within two weeks of you notifying us that they are complete.

How we measure them
We will:

  • Monitor the length of time taken to acknowledge improvement requests
  • Monitor the time it takes us to post inspect completed improvements
  • Report back to customers through our Service Improvement Group, in our newspaper and on our website.