Managing tenancies and tackling anti-social behaviour – the services you can expect

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If you experience antisocial behaviour or have problems with your neighbours we will take swift action to resolve matters as soon as possible. You can report incidents to us at any housing office, on our website or by phoning or texting us.

We will also investigate any anonymous complaints, and we will deal with all cases in a sensitive and confidential manner.

We have a team of Estate Officers and specialist Neighbourhood Relations Officers who will investigate complaints of antisocial behaviour in line with our service standards.

They will provide you with support, advice and assistance as well as taking appropriate action to resolve matters. We work in partnership with a range of other agencies such as Gateshead Council, Northumbria Police and Victim Support.

We also have access to specialist services, including mental health and alcohol support services. Our Neighbourhood Relations Officers have received specialist training to offer support to vulnerable victims, victims of domestic abuse and victims of hate incidents.

Anti-social behaviour service standards / local offer

Our anti-social behaviour standards have been developed with the involvement of our customers. These standards ensure that we are clear about the levels of service we provide. The service standards will be scrutinised and monitored by internal performance reports, quarterly reports to the Customers and Communities Committee, ASB Service Improvement Group (SIG), local tenants’ and residents’ meetings, and through our newspapers and website.

Our commitment to customers

  • We will begin investigating and acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours for hate crime, domestic abuse, hoarding, serious criminality, violence or aggression to employees, and three working days for other all other categories
  • We will provide you with a case reference number, and advise you of the name of the investigating officer
  • We will agree what actions will be taken and how we will feed back to you, and offer you relevant support
  • We will talk to you before closing your case and we will follow this up in writing.

How we measure this

We will:

  • Report on whether we started to investigate your complaint within timescales
  • Report on acknowledgement and case closure letters sent where a case has a complainant
  • Report on whether we investigated all hate crime or domestic violence reported to the housing company
  • Report on how satisfied you were with the way your anti-social behaviour complaint was investigated
  • Monitor how many anti-social behaviour cases are resolved without the need for legal action.