Meters in Multi-storeys

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Help in your home - multi-storey accommodation.

If you live in one of our multi-storey blocks, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need access to your gas and electricity meters, which are kept in communal cupboards.

To get access to your meters for a routine matter, including topping up a pre-payment meter, you should contact your caretaker during their working hours.

Please note that the company will not attend to top up a pre-payment meter out of hours.

You can find your duty caretaker’s contact details on the notice board on the ground floor of your block. Working hours are: Monday to Thursday 08:00-16:30 and Friday 08:00-16:00.

In an emergency, such as a meter or power failure or fault, we can also provide access. You should contact your duty caretaker in an emergency.