Moving Forward customer training programme 2016/17

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Moving-Forward-packshot-2016The Gateshead Housing Company’s free customer training programme, Moving
Forward, is now available for 2016-17.

Our training opportunities give local residents the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and help to improve our services.

And the best part is that all our courses are free if you
live in Gateshead.

Need help to attend?

Help is available to support people with specific needs including:

  • Transport to courses
  • British Sign Language interpreters
  • Other language interpreters
  • Help with childcare costs in some cases
  • Information in alternative formats.

This year’s scheduled courses:

This year’s demand-led courses, organised at a time and date to suit all participants:

Checking our services (mystery shopping)
On this fun session you will learn:

  • What mystery shopping is, why the housing company does it and how you can take part
  • How to gather information and report back your findings from checking our services
  • What our service standards are and what customers can expect from us.

Having taken part in this training you will be asked to conduct mystery shopping for the company throughout the year.

Confidence building
This is an interesting session where you will learn to be more confident in:

  • Day-to-day situations
  • Being assertive when communicating with others
  • Dealing with difficult situations.

If you are thinking of redecorating, come and get top tips on painting and wallpapering.*

*Housing company customers must contact their housing office before making alterations to their home.

Digital training
We offer a range of computer courses to suit your ability, so if you’re interested in any of the following please get in touch:

  • Basic IT skills and getting online
  • Social media made simple
  • Applying for welfare benefits and employment opportunities.

Healthy eating on a budget
This practical session will give you the confidence to:

  • Make quick, simple and healthy food that can be locally sourced
  • Improve your diet without putting a strain on your purse
  • Cook basic Middle Eastern dishes to suit meat-based or vegetarian diets/tastes.

Healthy living
This relaxed and informal session will show you how to lead a healthy lifestyle, giving you useful tips and techniques to improve the wellbeing of your body and mind.

How to manage your money
Find out some useful information on:

  • How to manage a budget and what payments take priority
  • How to save money on your fuel bills
  • Saving and borrowing, including different types of credit.

Made of money
This six-week course of two-hour sessions will cover more in-depth advice around:

  • Budgeting, credit and debt
  • Children and money
  • Communication (around money).

Managing your stress (full-day course)
This course will show you:

  • How to recognise the first signs of stress and how it can affect your mental health
  • The different types of anxiety and what can trigger them
  • Tips on how to effectively manage day-to-day pressures.

Meeting skills and being Chair
On this fun and friendly session you will find out:

  • What to expect from our meetings
  • How to improve your listening skills and effectively contribute
  • The skills needed to be a good Chair
  • The different roles of meeting members
  • How to handle difficult situations.

Saving energy and money
As living costs continue to rise, advice and financial assistance are available. Find out how you can save money on your fuel bills by:

  • Ensuring you’re on the best deal for your circumstances
  • Making simple energy efficiency savings in your home.

Customers have already saved hundreds of £££s on their annual bill.

Setting up a business
Many people dream of working for themselves but are too afraid or don’t know where to start. Gateshead Council offers a two-hour workshop giving advice on setting up your own business.

The session covers getting started, rules and regulations, funding, investment, training and business planning. Business advisors will be on hand to guide you through, giving advice on other services that can give you further support to get your idea off the ground.

Spot the scam
This useful course will help you recognise a scam and ensure you’re not targeted online or on your doorstep.

Understanding differences in people
This is a fun and informal session where you will learn to:

  • Recognise and respect differences in each other
  • Value the diversity in your community and challenge stereotyping
  • Understand the company’s approach to equality and diversity.

Great! How do I take part?

See details of our Moving Forward training courses May 2016 – March 2017

If you find a course you’re interested in contact the Involvement Team on 0191 433 5357 or sign up online:

Moving Forward customer training programme 2016/17

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