Neighbourhood nuisance – digital voice recorders

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Help in your home - neighbour nuisance, On your estate - antisocial behaviour.

If you are a victim or witness of antisocial behaviour we may ask you to keep a log of any incidents of antisocial behaviour or nuisance you experience or witness. You can do this by using a Digital Voice Recorder as an alternative method to using incident diaries.

Any information you log by using a Digital Voice Recorder will be treated confidentially and not be disclosed without your consent to do so.

When you are given a Digital Voice Recorder an officer will show you how to record an incident and explain what information you should provide.

We will agree with you how long to use the Digital Voice Recorder and arrange when we will collect the recorder.

How do I record an incident?
To log an incident you should:

  • Press FOLDER/INDEX button to select desired folder
  • Press the REC button and speak into the recorder to detail the incident
  • The Record/Play indicator light turns red and recording start
  • To stop recording, press the STOP button.

You should speak into the recorder and give as much detail as you can about any incidents, as the information you provide will assist officers to investigate and monitor the problem and to take the appropriate action.

What you need to tell us
You must state your name EACH time you begin to record/log an incident, and:

  • The date the incident occurred
  • The time the incident began and ended
  • What happened e.g. “Loud music playing”
  • Where it occurred e.g. “Coming from 10 Smith Street”
  • Who saw or heard the incident e.g. “My friend was visiting and also heard the noise”
  • How the incident affected you and/or members of your household e.g. “My children could not sleep.”

The recorder will show you on the screen how long you have been recording an incident.

Each recording should last no longer than two minutes.

What happens once you have logged incidents on the Digital Voice Recorder?
Once we have collected the Digital Voice Recorder from you we will:

  • Review the recordings and provide you with feedback within five working days
  • Let you know if you need to continue to record incidents and for how long.

If you require any further advice or assistance whilst using a Digital Voice Recorder please contact the Neighbourhood Relations Team on 0191 433 5327 Monday to Friday until 5pm (0779 9583197 from 5pm to 7pm) or email