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Repairs button WEBYou may have heard that we are looking at new ways to deliver the repairs and maintenance service to council homes. Currently the contract for the repairs service to your home is provided by Mears but this contract comes to an end in March 2017.

In order that we can continue to provide a high standard of repairs we have been considering how we will deliver the service from next April. Following a review of the options available we have agreed to
provide the repairs service through Gateshead Council’s Construction Services team from April 2017.

The Construction Services team already have a great deal of experience of providing repair services – they currently carry out improvement work to your homes and have been repairing empty council homes in parts of the borough for the last 18 months.

The Gateshead Housing Company, Gateshead Council, and Mears are working together to make sure the transfer of the repairs service to Construction Services from April 2017 happens smoothly. The transfer will be helped by the fact that the workforce who currently deliver the service will transfer to Construction Services in April 2017 and will continue to deliver repairs to your homes under the new arrangements.

We will keep you informed on this development and how you can help us by giving your views on what the new service needs.

In the meantime, please continue to report your repairs in the usual way.

“Tenants have told us how important the repairs service is to them and we feel this option will enable us to bring forward new ideas and ensure customers will be the ones to directly benefit from an even better service in the future.” – Jon Mallen-Beadle (Managing Director – The Gateshead
Housing Company)

“I’m excited about the opportunity of delivering the repairs service alongside the capital programme. This will allow us to provide a service to customers that is both efficient and flexible.” – Victoria Beattie (Service Director – Construction Services)

Find out more about our HomeRepairs service and ways to report your repairs.

If you have any questions please email us.