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We want to make sure the environment you live in is clean, safe and well maintained.

As a customer you have the opportunity to get involved in monitoring the general standards of your estate and helping us to identify environmental improvements needed.

You can do this by attending an Estate Tour with your local estate officer. You don’t have to take part in the full tour – you can join it just for your own street if you want.

On an Estate Tour, you can walk around with the estate officer and other customers to identify areas that need attention.

Contact your housing office for dates and times of Estate Tours. If you cannot attend you can report issues on our website or directly to your estate officer.

On the Estate Tour we will work with you to ‘grade’ your estate, including sheltered housing and multi-storey blocks at least every three months.

The estate grading system enables you to measure and monitor the standards of service delivered and work with us to improve the appearance of your estate.

As part of our estate work we not only check on the environment but also ensure that houses are being occupied by the legal tenant. This includes carrying out investigations following reports of abandoned or illegally occupied properties.

Feedback on estate grading will be publicised to customers on our website, and discussed at local tenants’ and residents’ groups.

Following an Estate Tour, we will write to the customers who attended within ten working days giving any actions that will be taken. We have a handyperson service to enable a rapid response to some environmental issues.

We also carry out inspections of communal areas within multi-storey blocks and sheltered accommodation to make sure they meet specified cleaning standards. Feedback is published on the block’s notice boards within two weeks.

The majority of customers keep their gardens tidy and free from rubbish. However, where gardens are not maintained we will contact you and discuss what action you need to take to improve it.

If you do not make the necessary improvements to maintain your garden we will take formal action against you. Every year we work with local environment services to review our service standards relating to the grounds we maintain.

We also include customers in the monitoring of these standards. Please contact your local housing office to get involved.

Our service standards
We will:

  • Conduct an annual survey with randomly selected customers to ask if they are satisfied with the appearance of their estate and how it is maintained
  • Carry out a programme of Estate Tours that includes customers
  • Visit garden tidy service customers every month during the growing season (April and October)
  • Investigate and visit all initial reports of untidy or overgrown gardens within three working days
  • Visit all reported abandoned, sublet or illegally occupied properties within 24 hours.

How we measure them
We will:

  • Ask customers if they are satisfied with the appearance of their estate and how it is maintained
  • Check we have conducted Estate Tours
  • Ask customers if they are satisfied with the quality and frequency of the garden tidy visits
  • Check that we have visited tenants with untidy gardens within three working days
  • Check that we have investigated reports of abandoned, sublet or illegally occupied properties and taken appropriate action.
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