One year of housing – annual review 2014/15

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Annual-Report-2015-pack-shotThis review was produced for tenants and leaseholders to show work The Gateshead Housing Company and Gateshead Council are doing to improve council housing.

This is the housing company’s fifth annual review, covering performance and services during 2014/15.

Customers’ priorities of finding a home of a high standard and maintaining estates are highlighted throughout this review.

For each of these priorities the borough-wide picture is shown, as well as brief highlights of improvements to homes, services and estates in our five neighbourhoods.

Councillor Paul Foy, Chair of the Board, and Jon Mallen-Beadle, Managing Director, The Gateshead Housing Company

Finding a home and the services your rent provides

Advertising homes

We reduced the number of empty properties we had by 25% this year – helped by advertising our homes to let more widely.

We continued to build new homes for rent and for sale across the borough, working in partnership with Keelman Homes and Gateshead Council.

Did you know? 85.2% of customers see rent and charges as good value for money.

What you said … “You have given people more information and easier ways to understand benefits.”

Ensuring your home is decent and well maintained

Decent homes improvementsWe made 1,838 improvements to homes across the borough during 2014/15 – including energy efficiency work that will save customers money on their fuel bills.

Over 64,000 repairs to homes were carried out – with 98.32% completed within timescales and to appointments made with our customers.

Did you know? 88.7% of customers are happy with the standard of their home.

What you said … “We cannot wish for a nicer home.“

In your neighbourhood and tackling antisocial behaviour

In your neighbourhoodWe completed dozens of small but well received improvements across Gateshead, ranging from tidy-ups and planting to landscaping on estates.

We continued to tackle antisocial behaviour and hate crime throughout the year – with residents feeling safe on their estate.

Did you know? 86.9% of customers are happy with their neighbourhood.

What you said … “Love my house, been here since it was built and love where I live.”

How we spend your money

GHC-Annual-Report-coinDuring 2014/15 we spent almost £1m a week on letting homes, carrying out repairs and making improvements to thousands of homes.

This review was produced for tenants and leaseholders to show work The Gateshead Housing Company and Gateshead Council are doing to improve council housing.

This was possible thanks to customers paying their rent and service charges on time.

Here is how we spent each pound we received to provide services to almost 20,000 homes across Gateshead.

  • 39p on repairs, maintenance, gas servicing and making homes ready to let
  • 33p on improvements, fire safety work and window replacements
  • 28p on employee and buildings costs, information and involving our tenants.

Your community, your neighbourhood

South Gateshead
Health initiatives, improvements to multi-storeys and a spruced-up community clubhouse were some of the improvements in South Gateshead.

Your neighbourhood

Central Gateshead 
From craft and lunch clubs to community allotments, we made a host of improvements in Central Gateshead.

East Gateshead 
Clean-ups, community allotments and employment fairs were just some of the changes in East Gateshead.

Inner West Gateshead 
Community events, award-winning tenants and support for local sports groups were some of the highlights in Inner West Gateshead.

West Gateshead 
We made improvements to sheltered schemes, renovated a community centre and organised charity days in West Gateshead.

Five-year-plan-packshot-296x300Next year and beyond …

Our five-year strategic plan for 2015-2020 has four key objectives:

  • Investing in our employees and developing new and innovative ways of working to deliver the five-year plan
  • Protecting Housing Revenue Account (our rent) income and investment made in the stock
  • Supporting tenants and sustaining tenancies and neighbourhoods
  • Partnership working with Gateshead Council and others to support the delivery of quality homes and customer-focused services.

More about our five-year plan.

Want to know more?

get-involved-buttonWe believe that all customers should be able to make a difference to our services, in a way that suits them.

You can choose how and when to get involved and select the type of involvement that suits you best.

This can be anything from filling in a questionnaire or taking part in a one-day training course, right through to joining one of our Service Improvement Groups or our Board.