Our free service can help cut your household bills

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Gas-ElectricThe Gateshead Housing Company has joined forces with Energy Angels to save you £££s on your energy bills.

New tenants – Energy Angels can help you locate and notify your existing suppliers and find the best prices for your gas and electricity in the future.

Existing tenants – Energy Angels can see if better tariffs are available.

To find out more call 01902 585 503 (local rate number) – calls should take less than ten minutes and could save you £££s every year.

Or, if you prefer, you can text 07815 915171 or email Energy Angels and they will call you back.

Did you know?

  • The average Gateshead household spends £500 on energy during the winter
  • Your gas and electricity bills can be one of the largest outgoings after your rent or mortgage
  • The average family uses the equivalent of two baths of water per day by flushing the toilet
  • Using energy-saving light bulbs throughout your home can save up to £50 a year on your bills.

Top ten winter tips to save on energy bills

  • Draw your curtains at dusk and tuck them behind radiators to retain heat
  • Keep internal doors shut to conserve heat
  • Take a hot water bottle to bed, rather than an electric blanket
  • Set the heating to switch off a short while before you go to bed
  • Invest in draught excluders for the bedroom door to keep the heat in your room during the night
  • Turning down the thermostat in your home by 1oc could cut heating bills by 10%
  • Make your home less draughty by sealing gaps in your windows and doors, and fit a draught flap on your letterbox
  • Energy saving light bulbs last up to ten times longer and can save round £45 over the lifetime of the bulb
  • Fix taps and make sure they are fully turned off – a dripping hot water tap can waste enough energy in a single week to fill half a bath
  • Save money by switching lights off when you leave a room. If you turn a light off for even a few seconds, you will save more energy than it takes the light to start up again, no matter what sort of lights you have. Turn appliances off standby and unplug mobile phones when they have finished charging.

Download our free “Be winter ready” guide, packed with helpful information to get you through the winter months. A paper copy of the guide is also available from housing offices.