Our vision

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under About us - Corporate Plan 2018-2023.

Priorities and Plans for the Future

We aim to be a housing company where being creative and passionate about what we do is exactly what we do.

Our vision is to be:

“The housing provider of first choice for everyone making their home in a thriving Gateshead”

This new vision of the future gives us fresh, new purpose – we’re aiming to be the best provider of housing in Gateshead.

Our founding principles of providing homes to the people who need them most and giving customers a greater say remain, but we’re going to build on them and take them to the next level.

In the future we’ll be known for providing high quality, modern, aspirational homes and exceptional service. We’ll let homes quickly to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time and help them to stay there for the long term. We’ll build a reputation for a stand out seamless and tailored customer

We’ll work with the Council and other key partners to maximise support to our most vulnerable customers, lift them out of hardship and help them to make a home and live their lives. More than simply providing a “roof over a head” we’ll be a leader in community empowerment, helping local people to unlock their potential and seize opportunities to improve their lives, strengthen communities and regenerate neighbourhoods.

We’ll have a firm grip of financial health of the business, constantly looking for ways to make our money stretch further and to extend our offer. We’ll sell our services and reinvest the money we make into supporting our most vulnerable customers, improving our services, neighbourhoods and homes.

It all boils down to two main priorities – providing an outstanding service and home offer to everyone making their home in Gateshead and ensuring a sustainable future for the business and the HRA.

To make sure we provide an outstanding service and home offer we will:

  • Provide a high quality, modern home which people aspire to live in.
  • Care about what we do and make sure our customers have an experience they rave about – every time.
  • Deal with tenancy management issues quickly and firmly.
  • Work with the Council and other key partners to support our more vulnerable customers with complex service needs.
  • Provide digital access to our services so customers can access them whenever and wherever they want to.
  • Target our time and resources on customers who need it the most.
  • Invest in our neighbourhoods and communities to provide quality living spaces and empowered communities who can actively influence and shape local decision making.
  • Engage our colleagues as our ambassadors to ensure they are happy to go the extra mile and are fully equipped to deliver the best possible service. We want to build a culture in which our colleagues find their work fulfilling, so they consistently provide customers with an experience that stands out from the rest.

By ensuring a sustainable future for the business and the HRA we will:

  • Let our homes responsibly and sustainably.
  • Collect income quickly and try to prevent rent arrears.
  • Work in partnership with Keelman Homes to develop new homes for rent and sale and bring empty homes back into use across the borough.
  • Sell our services, where we can, to generate income and reinvest in homes, neighbourhoods
    and communities.
  • Be as efficient as we can in the way we operate – by using technology to provide easy to access services and looking for opportunities to minimise cost and maximise benefit.
  • Work in partnership with the Council to determine the long term future of the HRA by exploring options for the future of homes and neighbourhoods.
  • Attract, identify, develop, engage and retain the very best people to work in our company. We will nurture talent and actively encourage innovation through our own unique people offer.
  • Be open and transparent in our decision making, and operate exemplary governance arrangements throughout the business.

We’ll achieve our vision and priorities by taking four key steps: Taking our services to the next level; creating outstanding homes and living spaces; sharpening our business focus; and unlocking our potential through our people. These steps represent our strategic objectives for the next five years.