Reporting dampness and mould growth

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Help in your home - repairs to your home, News.

Dampness-and-mould-guide-packshotCustomers of the housing company can now report problems with dampness and mould growth using an online form.

The Report dampness and mould form is simple and quick to use, and it will help us to diagnose and treat issues more quickly and efficiently.

Tenants can use the form to tell us where in the property the damp or mould is, and to describe it. There is also the facility to upload photos.

The Report dampness and mould form can be found in the “Do it online” menu, which is on all the main pages on our website (on the right if you’re using a PC; at the bottom if you’re using a smartphone).

This new facility joins the many other tasks our customers can do online, including:

You can also download our Dampness and mould guide (PDF)