Spotlight on… Tenancy Support Team

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As part of our resident support campaign, we’re highlighting the services available to tenants who are struggling.

Our Tenancy Support Team works within Housing Services. Customers who are facing housing-related issues are referred in to this service to receive specialist support. The overall aim is to prevent homelessness. To achieve this, officers work alongside tenants, assessing their needs and setting achievable goals to promote independence. They offer budgeting and daily living advice, employment and education opportunities, and support with emotional and physical health.

Tenancy Support Worker Julie Fox (pictured right) helps customers to maintain their homes and live independently. She shared one of her many experiences with us:

“I recently supported a customer to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The customer had previously been in an accident which left him with a serious injury. As the customer was unaware that he was entitled to PIP, he was using his compensation to meet his daily living needs.

“When the application was first processed, the customer received zero points at assessment. I encouraged him to appeal this decision, and supported him to complete the appeal documents. It took over a year for the appeal to be heard, but thankfully the judge ruled in his favour. In the end, the customer was awarded a backdated amount of over £10,000.”

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