Staff profile: multi-storey caretaker

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The Gateshead Housing Company manages 25 multi-storey blocks, each with its own residential caretaker who works as part of the Multi-storey Team.

Caretakers play an important role and have a varied range of responsibilities, from day-to-day cleaning in their block and small maintenance jobs, to being available to help tenants with small tasks in their properties.

They are partnered with a colleague from another block. They work as a team to support each other and to provide holiday cover.

Our caretakers take pride in their block as it’s their home too. Each day starts with a walk around the block to inspect each floor and identify any health and safety risks. Once this is done, it’s time to complete the daily cleaning rota, ensuring that the housing company’s service standards are met.

Caretakers are the eyes and ears of the block, often picking up on issues as they happen. This includes reporting repairs that need doing and reporting anti-social behaviour. They work closely with Housing Management Officers to record and evidence issues as they arise on the estate.

Working hours are 08:00–16:30 Monday to Thursday and 08:00–16:00 Friday. Outside of these hours there is a standby rota to cover health and safety emergencies. Every week one caretaker from each of the four areas will cover the standby duty.

The concierge and caretaker work closely together, so regular communication is essential.

Do you think you would make a good caretaker?

If you enjoy helping people and problem-solving, it could be the job for you. Benefits include free accommodation and a standby rota allowance. The housing company also offers good career progression opportunities.

To find out more about our caretaker or concierge vacancies, contact the Multi-storey Team on 0191 433 5370.