Staff profile: multi-storey concierge

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The Gateshead Housing Company manages 25 multi-storey blocks, four of which have a concierge service as part of the Multi-storey Team.

The concierge service is based at Eslington Court in the Teams area of Gateshead and consists of four full-time and two part-time staff. The main duties are controlling access to the four multi-storey blocks and monitoring the housing company’s CCTV systems.

The service operates Monday to Thursday 08:00-22:00, Friday and Saturday 08:00-00:00, and Sunday 11:00-20:00. The rota is split into morning and evening shifts and runs over a 12-week cycle.

First job of the shift is to log into the email system and check the electronic logbook. Then all equipment (door entry systems, cameras, doors etc.) is checked and faults are reported to the HomeRepairs team. The lists of empty properties are also checked to ensure our database and spreadsheets are up to date.

It’s the concierge’s job to deal with enquiries from various places, such as residents asking to contact the caretaker or to change access details. Visitors will request access, and contractors and other agencies may get in touch for various reasons. Police may want to review or collect CCTV footage, or ask for any other general information about activities in the block.

The concierge and caretaker work closely together, so regular communication is essential.

Do you think you would make a good concierge?

If you enjoy following processes and helping people, it could be the job for you. The housing company also offers good career progression opportunities.

To find out more about our concierge or caretaker vacancies, contact the Multi-storey Team on 0191 433 5370.