Tenancy Visits

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under News, On your estate.

The housing company will shortly launch a new programme of “Tenancy Visits”. At a recent meeting, David Hewitson, Chair of our Customer Scrutiny Panel, took the opportunity to ask Head of Neighbourhood Services Hazel Forster more about it.

Hazel, my first question is what is a Tenancy Visit and why are you doing them?

Well, David, we are committed to supporting our customers. We already do a large number of home visits but sometimes we don’t get to meet everybody. As part of this scheme we aim to visit each of our tenants in their home at least once every two years.

As well as checking on the home we want to ask tenants if they are having any tenancy related issues or have any additional support needs. This is also an opportunity for tenants to get to know their Neighbourhood Housing Officer and find out what support we can provide.

So the Tenancy Visit will be made by a Neighbourhood Housing Officer?

Yes. They will all carry photo ID to show they are employees. I’d like to remind people never to allow anyone without ID into their home.

All tenants will be required to allow access to their homes for the Tenancy Visit.

Will we find out in advance about our Tenancy Visit?

Yes. We will write to you with an appointment. If this appointment isn’t convenient, get in touch and we will rearrange it.

What happens during a Visit?

We will ask you some questions and make an inspection of your home. You will be asked to provide identification to confirm you are the tenant.

The visit is an opportunity for you to talk to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer about any issues you may have within your home, and you will be able to report repairs and get help and advice with your tenancy.

You can also tell us about any concerns, for example about managing your money or antisocial behaviour, or simply anything you need help with.

We will give you advice on how to put right any issues with the property that are your responsibility. This is an important issue particularly if you are thinking about moving home in the future.

How will you use the information you get?

We will update our records to ensure we have accurate information about your household. This helps us to give you a service that’s personal to your own needs.

How can tenants find out more?

Contact your local housing office and ask to speak to your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, who will be able to answer your queries.

Photo: Hazel Forster, Head of Neighbourhood Services (left) and David Hewitson, Chair of our Customer Scrutiny Panel.