Tyne and Wear Homes – the services you can expect

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To join the Tyne and Wear Homes scheme you can apply online at www.tyneandwearhomes.org.uk

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact our Lettings Team on at tyneandwearhomes@gatesheadhousing.co.uk

Once you have provided all of the information needed, we will register you on the scheme within one week and send you all the information you will need.

If you have a very urgent need for rehousing, for example if you are becoming homeless, then you may need to contact Gateshead Council’s Housing Options Team at Gateshead Civic Centre first on 0191 433 2616.

You do not need an appointment to do this and can contact the team directly.

Unfortunately, we cannot rehouse everybody quickly, but will offer advice on your prospects and give a general guide to waiting times for different types of property.

Existing tenants looking to swap homes with another Tyne and Wear Homes customer can do so through mutual exchange.

For more options for existing tenants see the section ‘Finding a new home or assigning your tenancy to someone else’.

Once on the scheme, you will be placed in one of four categories of housing need:

  • Critical housing need – where housing needs present a risk to the household, the community or Gateshead Council if not addressed straightaway
  • Urgent housing need – where there is a recognised urgent housing need, but circumstances do not present an immediate threat to the household, community or Gateshead Council
  • Substantial housing need – where there are reasonable housing needs. This means current housing does not ideally meet their needs, but does not require urgent intervention
  • General housing need – where you need to move for a variety of reasons, which have not been classified as critical, urgent or substantial.

Tyne and Wear Homes is a housing partnership between Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside and South Tyneside. Homes are advertised every week throughout the region for customers to bid on. You will either bid for properties using your waiting time on the scheme or in order of housing need.

Each local authority will allocate homes under the terms of its own letting policy. You will need to build up several years of waiting time for most homes.

You can choose to bid for up to three homes each week between 00.01am Thursday and 11.59pm Monday. You can bid online or by text – these methods are available 24 hours a day during the bidding period.

You can also bid during office hours by calling Tyne and Wear Homes or visiting one of our housing offices. We will assist anybody who needs help with bidding for properties.

Adverts always state who the property is suitable for. Feedback will be provided on the outcome of bids. Successful bidders will be contacted within three working days of bids closing.

Sometimes the successful bidder does not always accept the offer of the property. This means we may contact those next in line at a later date.

If your circumstances change, you should keep us informed. You can also notify us of any chances online. We will update your application within one week of receiving any amendments.

Our service standards
We will:

  • Register new applications and update changes of circumstances within one week of receiving any amendments
  • Provide you with advice and information on rehousing prospects, and typical waiting times for different types of property
  • Assist any customer who would like help in making bids
  • Contact successful bidders within three working days of bids closing.

How we measure them
We will:

  • Check we register and update applications within one week – for 2012/13 80% of registrations/updates met this target
  • Ask customers if they are satisfied with the advice and information on applying for a home – for 2012/13 90% of customers were satisfied
  • Ask customers about their experiences of bidding for properties – for 2012/13 96% of customers were satisfied with their experiences
  • Check we tell successful bidders within three working days – for 2012/13 92% of bidders were contacted within target.