What does the caretaking service provide?

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We aim to provide tenants and leaseholders with a friendly, clean and secure environment in 25 multi-storey blocks across Gateshead:

  • Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Court (also known as ‘Barns Close’) – Gateshead town centre
  • Regent and Warwick Court – Gateshead town centre
  • Park, Peareth and Priory Court (also known as ‘East Street flats’) – Gateshead town centre
  • St Cuthberts Court – Gateshead town centre
  • Bensham Court – Bensham
  • Newbolt and Tennyson Court – Sunderland Road
  • Crowhall Towers – Felling
  • Barford and Stretford Court – Allerdene
  • Acomb, Bedale, Ripley and Willerby Court – Harlow Green
  • Beacon, Fell and Lough Court – Beacon Lough
  • Eslington and Redheugh Court – Teams.

Caretaking service availability

  • Your caretaker works 37 hours per week and is normally on duty from Monday to Friday. Their hours of work and contact details will be on display in the main entrance to your block
  • Outside of these hours, we provide a call out service to deal with health and safety emergencies. This includes spillages, which should be reported to the duty caretaker, so they can be cleaned immediately
  • Please note – the duty caretaker could be from a nearby block.

Caretaker duties

  • Caretakers clean the internal communal parts of blocks to the published service standards (displayed in the entrance area on the ground floor of blocks)
  • Caretakers are given training and equipment to carry out basic repairs in blocks. These include repairs to communal areas, such as unblocking chutes, replacing light bulbs and easing communal doors
  • Caretakers can also carry out some other tasks in homes including unblocking sinks and toilets, changing light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke alarms, and reading gas and electric meters
  • Caretakers visit all new residents to provide practical information about their new home and the block, such as how to dispose of rubbish and where recycling facilities are located
  • When available a caretaker will attend an accompanied viewing with estate officers, answering any questions the person viewing the property has about living in the block
  • Caretakers help to keep the areas around the outside of the block clean by litter-picking every week
  • To help ensure that communal areas are kept safe we carry out a monthly safety inspection, which includes dry risers, fire doors and fire extinguishers, reporting any defects
  • Caretakers act as a ‘good neighbour’, providing a point of contact for any enquiries residents have about the homes or services we provide.

Door-entry systems

All multi-storey blocks have secure door-entry systems. At the start of your tenancy or lease agreement you will be given an electronic fob or standard key, to allow entry into your block.

This is provided for your use only and should not be given to anyone else.

Please contact your housing office to request additional fobs or to replace any that are lost. This is important so we can delete a lost fob from the system to prevent unauthorised use. There will be a charge for additional or replacement fobs. 

Monitoring service standards

We carry out regular inspections of your multi-storey block to ensure that the cleaning is maintained to the published standard. Results of these inspections are displayed on the notice board near the main entrance.

Want to know more?

If you have any question about the caretaking service please email Karen Bell, Multi-storey Housing Manager or call 0191 433 5370.

Want to get involved?

A group of tenants and leaseholders meet every two months to discuss a wide range of issues relating to multi-storey blocks.

If you want to find out more about the Multi-storey Service Improvement Group (SIG) please email Karen Bell, Multi-storey Housing Manager or call 0191 433 5370.