What does the concierge service provide?

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The concierge service is provided in the following multi-storey blocks:

  • Warwick and Regent Court – Gateshead town centre
  • Redheugh and Eslington Court – Teams.

In addition to the concierge service these four blocks also receive the residential caretaker service.

Concierge service availability

The service is provided:

  • Monday to Thursday – between 8am and 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday – between 8am and midnight
  • Sunday – between 11am and 8pm.

Concierge duties

Controlling access for visitors

All multi-storey blocks have secure door-entry systems. At the start of your tenancy or lease agreement you will be given an electronic fob or standard key, to allow entry into your block.

This is provided for your use only and should not be given to anyone else.

Please contact your housing office to request additional fobs or to replace any that are lost. This is important so we can delete a lost fob from the system to prevent unauthorised use. There will be a charge for additional or replacement fobs. 

During the hours the service operates all calls from door-entry panels or car-park barriers will go direct to the concierge.

The concierge will take their name and contact you to see if you want them allowed into the block. If you don’t want to see the visitor, or you are not at home, the concierge will not allow access.

You can nominate up to three people who will be allowed automatic entry to the block without contacting you first.

Outside of the concierge duty hours calls from the door-entry system will automatically go to your flat intercom and you will be able to allow access to the block.

You can help us keep the block secure by:

  • Only accessing the block with your fob key
  • Report any lost or missing fob keys immediately
  • Only allow your visitors access to the block
  • Report any vandalism or antisocial behaviour immediately.

Going away or on holiday?
You can provide the concierge an emergency contact phone number and details of anyone you may have asked to look after the flat. This is important so that we can arrange for them to be given entry to the block.

Monitoring CCTV

To help keep blocks secure, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are located within and around each block that receives the concierge service.

While on duty the concierge service will monitor these cameras. Cameras also record 24 hours per day, seven days per week and can be reviewed at a later date.

The camera system will not intrude on the domestic lives of residents carrying out lawful and legitimate business.

All concierge employees are bound by strict guidelines relating to confidentiality.

Reporting HomeRepairs

You should report repairs to your flat directly to the HomeRepairs service on 0800 408 6008. There is also an out-of-hours service on the same number.

Non-emergency repairs can also be reported HomeRepairs service, by text on 0778 620 8277 or by emailing repairs@gatesheadhousing.co.uk

Reporting antisocial behaviour

During normal office hours you should report antisocial behaviour direct to your housing office or Neighbourhood Relations Team.

You can also report antisocial behaviour directly to the concierge service. They will log the report and refer it to the relevant team.

All reports are dealt with in strictest confidence and only passed onto the appropriate section of the housing company or Northumbria Police.

A report can be made anonymously, although this will mean we are unable to provide you with feedback.

If the incident you are reporting is of a serious nature and requires an immediate response you should immediately contact Northumbria Police.

How to contact the concierge service

During the hours the service operates you can contact the concierge service via the intercom in your flat. Please press the ‘CALL’ button on the handset.

For security and data protection reasons, the concierge suite is closed to members of the public.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the concierge service please contact Karen Bell, Multi-storey Housing Manager, on 0191 433 5370 or email operationalsupport@gatesheadhousing.co.uk

Want to get involved?

A group of tenants and leaseholders meet every two months to discuss a wide range of issues relating to multi-storey blocks.

If you want to find out more about the Multi-storey Service Improvement Group (SIG) please contact Karen Bell on 0191 433 5370 or email operationalsupport@gatesheadhousing.co.uk