Your caretaker and concierge survey 2019

by The Gateshead Housing Company & filed under Help in your home - multi-storey accommodation.

The joint caretaker and concierge service is provided to more than 600 residents living in Warwick, Regent, Redheugh and Eslington Court.

The overall aims of the service are to ensure the building remains secure and the communal areas of the building remain free from debris, and are clean and clear and in a good state of repair.

The main features of the caretaker service are:

  • Providing an out-of-hours emergency service
  • Cleaning the block to the agreed service standards
  • Undertaking small repairs and repair reporting within the block
  • Litter picking/tidying of external areas around the block
  • Carrying out monthly Fire Safety and Health & Safety Inspections
  • Meeting new tenants to provide advice and information
  • Undertaking small tasks and repairs in residents’ homes
  • Providing access/information for contractors and visitors to the block

The main features of the concierge service are:

  • Being on duty 8am to 10pm Monday to Thursday; 8am to midnight Friday and Saturday; and 11am to 8pm Sunday
  • Controlling access for visitors and contractors
  • Monitoring CCTV
  • Reporting anti-social behaviour
  • Reporting repairs

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